Blue. Blue is by far the most “popular” color beach plastic on the beaches where I harvest my plastic. Above is one day’s gathering last October and at least twice as much as all the other colors I found. Blue must be a color that sells! But do we even know what the colors of containers are? Of our butter, detergent,  oil,  juice, meat and eggs? I know that Mazzola is yellow, Tide bright red, Barbie is pink and Tiffany is turquoise blue. I now know that blue is prevalent. In all shades from navy to turquoise to baby to sky. It is also the color beach plastic that, shamelessly, looks good against the sea and the sky.  I found enough blue for 200 tees! See below used on blue organic cotton, on white and on purple….enjoy…

BLUE – 1/750 – Plastic is Forever

Funky shapes like bottle tops, a blue monopoly hotel and a crate V surround the neckline. If you took ownership of tee # 1 then tell us about it here in the comments box and help us track disposable plastic in and out of the consumer stream…

BLUE – 2/750 – Plastic is Forever

A grouping of  tooth brush handles sanded and salted from years in the ocean. Colgate bears the logo on this one.. If you own this fun, unique tee put your dibs on it here in the comments box.

BLUE – 3/750 – Plastic is Forever

Lobster trap encrusted with coral and cut into perfect squares along the neckline. If you own this simple beach plastic design claim it here in the comments box…

BLUE – 4/750 – Plastic is Forever

Sculptural and perfectly sanded blades are embroidered along the neck line with nylon fishing rope found on the Bahamian beaches. If you own this unique tee #4 please claim it here in the comments box.

BLUE – 5/750 – Plastic is Forever

Ball point pen top as centerpiece, from being tumbled in seaweed on French Leave Beach to a tee at Barneys NY. Repurposed for new ownership. If you now own tee #5 please tell us here in the comments box.

BLUE – 6/750 – Plastic is Forever

PS – CONT – AINER! If this tee now contains you then tell us all about it here in our comments container.

BLUE – 9/750 – Plastic is Forever


Mr. Brooks # 2079261 ownership tag on a fishing net/trap. Now yours? Tell us about it here in the comments box.

BLUE – 10/750 – Plastic is Forever


Plastique! Yes, plastic. Now beach plastic. All in French. If you own this international tee #10 claim it here in the comments box…


BLUE – 11/750 – Plastic is Forever


Love the ribbed edge thingy, no idea what it was. If you do, or own tee #11 now please tell us here in the comments box…