BLUE – 20/750 – Plastic is Forever

No, there is no religious theme in these crosses except perhaps for the strong belief that together we can make a difference by recycling, reusing and repurposing and choosing to be responsible for disposable plastic.. If you own tee # 20 please tag it here.

BLUE – 21/750 – Plastic is Forever

If you have comments, ideas or feedback, or you bought this tee #21 and recycled this beach plastic into ownership please claim it here…

BLUE – 22/750 – Plastic is Forever


I think the centerpiece is the pump element to a Windex, or other spray bottle. If you own this one of a kind tee # 23 claim it here…


BLUE – 23/750 – Plastic is Forever


Some of the best pieces are stitched along this neckline; a numbered tag, a ball point pen top, a basket weave piece,  the diamond from a (laundry) basket, a few gem-like “stones”, if you own this favorite tee#24 let us know here in the comments…


BLUE – 24/750 – Plastic is Forever


I must have used at least one hundred bottle tops in this collection of tees. I f you own this # 24 tee claim it here…


BLUE – 25/750 – Plastic is Forever


From now on you will think of these tees when you walk along a beach and see beach plastic. You can send us whatever interesting pieces you find and I can make custom pieces. If you own this one, #25, claim it here in the comments box…

BLUE – 26/750 – Plastic is Forever

And what was this? A tight top to what? Other weathered pieces along the neck; a pen top, a piece of razor, a criss-cross piece of basket, a clothes peg fragment, every thing that was ever made in plastic can be found on a beach somewhere. If you have re-claimed this beach plastic by owning it tells us about it here….

BLUE – 27/750 – Plastic is Forever

What was it? My kids and I often play this when I come home with a mountain of beach plastic. A kitsch bread basket? A kids tiara? If you know or on this tee #27 please tell us here in the comments box.

BLUE – 28/750 – Plastic is Forever

A cherished beach plastic centerpiece that looks like a fossil imprint. If you own this unique beach plastic tee #28 claim it here….

BLUE – 29/750 – Plastic is Forever

Rosary inspired neckline made from antique and weathered basket. If you have reclaimed this beach plastic and own tee#29 tell us here….