About: A Limited Edition of Beach Plastic Tees

750 tees is a Co-op @ Barneys NY, Loomstate and  Plastic is Forever limited edition of organic tee-shirts that are beaded with Bahamian beach plastic to raise awareness of the impact of plastic pollution on the oceans. They  are vailable exclusively  at  Co-op @ Barneys NY stores around the country and  at Loomstate.org from March 15th 2011. These 750 tees retail for $135 each and further promote our commitment to sustainability and recycling.

Barbara de Vries designed every tee individually.  Inspired by the natural color and shape of each object she created a necklace or bodice effect in vibrant colors from about 100 Lbs of beach plastic that she hand picked from the beaches in Eleuthera specifically for this project. Every piece is deconstructed by years of being tumbled in sun, salt and sand, and its natural patina has attained a gem-like quality.

Plastic is Forever is a “blue” collection started in 2008 by  designer Barbara de Vries, which incorporates beach plastic into clothes, art, installations and jewelry . Beach plastic is the plastic refuse that pollutes the oceans and washes up on beaches all over the world in quantities that are too large to ignore and too damaging to leave behind. All Plastic is Forever projects are determined by the shape and color of the beach plastic and a cottage-industry network of sewers and embroiderers in Miami applies the beach plastic on each item.

Loomstate is an environmentally and socially conscious brand launched in 2004 by Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn.  The Loomstate mission is to create casual clothing of timeless style and quality with a commitment to environmentally sustainable materials and production methods.

Co-op @ Barneys New York formulated the revolutionary idea to take their existing Loomstate inventory and ask Plastic is Forever to re-purpose these stock tee-shirts by using recycled beach plastic. This process of collaboration between Loomstate and Barbara de Vries extends the lifespan of Barneys inventory into a second season and creates a new fashion paradigm in which designers join forces and repurpose each other’s work to reduce the fashion footprint.

Plastic is Forever Contact: Barbara de Vries | bdev@ptd.net

Press Contact: Berrin Noorata | BerrinNoorata@Loomstate.org

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