All 750 tees on this blog are numbered and correspond with the numbers on the labels inside the tees that are for sale at Barneys NY online and The Barneys CO-OP stores across the country. Most tees below have a brief description and I hope that if you bought one of these beach plastic tees you will claim it here, in it’s own comments box, where you can write whatever you like because anything you say will give this disposable plastic new ownership as you make a conscious contribution to reinvent its destiny.

Thank you for participating in this project. Together we make a difference!

Barbara’s regular design blog: How to Live in Miami with Your  Clothes on = Barbidoesmiami

In Vogue:  click here for story. In Ecouterre: here . Barneys Blog The Window here.

Two Art Basel Miami interviews here and here . For a slideshow of all the tees set to music by my half brother Oboe-ist Han de Vries here…

Barneys Madison Avenue


One Comment on “”

  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for visiting and your kind comments. The meta-bottles have been quite a hit lately, I hope viewers take the message to heart and stop buying glorified tap water in poisonous bottles.

    Your shirts are gorgeous. I can only imagine how much work is involved. Well done.

    Where do you comb the beach for art supplies?

    How are they selling?

    best wishes,


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