Orange – the color of ALERT! The color that warns of itself.

I find many nature tags, used to track birds and fish. Orange is easy to spot in the sand. But sometimes, when it has been in the ocean long enough, sanded and salted, it takes on the patina of coral. I have one bracelet made from a very old orange crate and when I wear it people don’t believe me when I say it is plastic. “Beach plastic!” I say. But most people don’t know what beach plastic means, because most beaches are cleaned for them, hiding all traces of our impact on nature. Resorts will push it over their boundary line, often leaving it on the local beaches where local children play and swim amongst the debris. Miami Beach cleans its ocean beaches every morning, churning the sand into a pristine surface before the thousands of tourists descend, leaving mounds of trash by the end of the day, some of which get swept into the ocean by the tide, but miraculously they find the beach clean again the next morning.

The following orange tees carry lots of warning signs. However this my favorite one (too big to sew on a tee) and makes me think:

Oh yeah really? If only!

misuse by other than owner is liable to prosecution...OK, bring it on!

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